Thabang House

Angelo, Arrived: 1 July 2003

This is Angelo (Sittle).

He is having his first bath at THABANG. His hair had to be cut off after his first bath because of sores.

When he arrived he was already talking. He was healthy and very happy. He stayed with us for six months, then went back to his mother on 13 January 2004.

Joseph Arrived: 1 July 2003

This is Joseph, not very happy baby having a bath.

Joseph is an orphan. His mother and twin sister passed away shortly after birth. When he arrived, he was healthy but sad and sucks his thumb for comfort. He has grown up to be a happy child. He now talks very well, attends nursery school, builds very well with legos. He is still with us.

Valentra, Arrived: 1 July 2003

When she arrived she was not a healthy little girl and could not walk.

She had eczema on her head and her stomach was swollen, this caused bad circulation to her legs. She stayed with us until 26 April 2004 when she went to her foster mother in Soweto. She settled in very well with her foster mother, quickly made friends and is attending nursery school now.

Valentra had her first bath and waiting to have her hair cut. She also had sores. She left four days after this

He arrived at our house three months before Christmas.
The picture on the right was taken in December 2006.
Paul, Arrived: 7 July 2003

Paul was very sick and weak when he arrived.

He was unable to eat and although he could sit on his own he was unable to move his lower body. We kept exercising his legs until he regained full mobility. He grew up to be a very active, happy little boy. Luckily he went back to his family in Namibia on 24 December 2004.

They phone every now and again to tell me how they are doing. Paul wasn’t very happy. He was sick and very weak and his lower body wasn’t growing.

Paulina, Arrived: 7 July 2003

This is Paulina Mahlangu after she had a bath. This child had such a big belly bottom.

She was very weak, although she was walking, and suffered from severe asthma when she arrived. She had to learn how to chew and swallow solid food. With the help of our pediatrician she outgrew her asthma. She left on 26 January 2004 to go live with her grandmother. She was talking and attending nursery school when she left. She is still attending nursery school and comes to visit us from time to time.

Petra (Dlamini), Arrived: 7 July 2003

This is Petra after she had a bath. She just went to sleep.

She was very shy when she arrived. She had lots of problems with her ears; she had “leaking” ears. She could not talk. When she did start talking her speech was poor. Hearing test showed that she does not hear very well in her right ear. Now she talks very nicely. She goes to nursery school. She is a very happy little girl and is still with us.

Siyabonga (Bongi),

This is Bongi Nene he was just 3 months in THABANG.

Bongi first went to “Cheryl’s house” when he was a baby. He came to Mavis when he was 1 year old in January 2004. He is a very happy child. He speaks, he sings and he loves watching videos. He plays very well on his own. We will take him to nursery school next year.

Ian, Arrived: 4 June 2004

This is Ian on Mavis’s lap…. Ian’s first day at THABANG.

When he arrived he could not sit, he had to lie down all the time but with the help of the physiotherapist he can now crawl, sit on his own and walk when assisted. On 24 May 2005 he had a “biotocs” injection to paralyze his stiff muscles and he had to have two weeks without physio.

After two weeks we started on the 8th of June to give him physio twice a week which is helping a little. He could only make noises at first, but can now he can say Mama and Car was his first word.


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